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The years of experience that my all-female staff bring to their positions give them the knowledge to honor you as a patient, and the maturity to respect you as a person.

Medical Receptionist -- Tiffany Jenkins
Her understanding of the medical issues in gynecology and infertility allows her to address your needs accurately and efficiently. She will strive to give you an appointment that is appropriate to your medical situation and that is cognizant of your time restraints. As the first and last person you will see at your appointment, she will always make you feel welcome.

Medical Benefits Coordinator -- Liz Shaw
Her understanding of the medical insurance field allows her to navigate the complex medical benefits arena as an advocate for you. She will be certain you understand what coverage you have and will work tirelessly to resolve any issues that arise.

Certified Phlebotomist -- F. V. Shaw
Her skill at drawing blood is appreciated by all patients, but especially by those who have “difficult” veins and those who are anxious about having blood drawn. Because many diagnoses and treatments require having blood drawn, having this performed in the office creates a convenience for you. It also results in better medical care, since I can ensure that the correct test was obtained in a timely manner, and can more quickly retrieve the results.

Certified Ultrasonographer -- Julie Bobersky
Her wealth of experience and training in ultrasonography and medicine allows her to bring an ease of performing and an accuracy of diagnosing when an ultrasound is needed. Because many diagnoses and treatments require ultrasound studies, having these performed in the office creates a comfort and convenience for you. And because the results can be discussed with you at the time of your study, your anxiety about the findings is relieved.

Mental Health Counselor
Although not located on site, the counselors with whom I work closely are experienced in addressing the complex emotional issues relevant to gynecology and infertility issues.