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I have a lot to say about you, me, and medicine. I would like to say it to you in person, but this is a good place to start.

First and last, great medical care requires a genuine relationship between doctor and patient. This relationship is built on compassion, integrity, and knowledge.

Compassion means I care about you – as a person – with or without a medical concern. You will see it not only from what I say to you, and how I listen to you, but also from the way that I organize my practice. To begin with, your phone calls to the office will not be answered by a phone tree; your calls will be answered by a real person. My receptionist will answer your questions thoroughly, she will schedule appointments in a time frame dictated by your medical needs, and, when needed, she will transfer your call to someone else in the office. If you have financial questions, you will not be transferred to a nameless person in a billing department. Rather, you will speak to my financial coordinator. At your appointment you will meet her in the office, where she will talk with you in person about any financial issues that may arise. She will work tirelessly on your behalf to be certain that you understand your medical benefits, and that you actually receive them. If you have medical questions, you will not be transferred to a physician substitute, you will talk with me. I am your physician, and I honor that responsibility. I will see you for your initial consult, where we will spend at least an hour discussing your history, your questions, and your goals. I will see you for your diagnostic testing, most of which can conveniently be performed in the office, including blood draws and ultrasounds. I will see you for your follow-up consult(s), where we will discuss all of the test results and together determine a treatment plan, and I will follow you through that treatment plan. And, if you have any questions along the way, I will answer them – during an appointment or over the phone – to make certain that you understand, and are comfortable with, every aspect of your medical care.

When you come here for your medical care, you will not interact with a phone tree, with a department, or with multiple physician substitutes. Compassion in a physician/patient relationship demands a consistent personal human interaction – and that is what you will find in my practice.

Compassion alone is not enough. Integrity is a vital component of everything that I do. Integrity dictates that I will always strive to help you make the best decisions. My practice is defined by a balanced range of treatment choices. It is not defined as a “center” of one particular treatment, as this encourages the tendency to channel patients toward that particular treatment. My recommendations balance the risks and benefits inherent in any medical treatment, with the goal of achieving the best and safest outcome. Practicing with integrity enables you to trust my recommendations. Trust must be earned, and you can see by the actions of my patients, and their feedback, that I have earned that trust. I am not a “hit and run” practice; my patients return year after year to seek another pregnancy or to continue their gynecologic care. My practice has been built by these patients referring their colleagues, friends, and family to me. Many of my patients are themselves healthcare providers. They are people who work in the medical system and have first-hand knowledge of medical practices, and they have chosen me to provide their medical care.

Integrity means I will always look out for you because that is the right thing to do.

And finally, knowledge. Compassion and integrity equal great medical care only if they are accompanied by sound medical knowledge and skill. My formal academic training beyond medical school consisted not only of a Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but also of additional training in a specialized Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. This fellowship focused on understanding the scientific basis of normal function and disease, and provided the opportunity to treat an extraordinary number of patients with gynecology and infertility problems – from the very simple to the very complex. This rigorous training gave me the expertise to diagnose and treat the full range of gynecology and infertility problems. And, because new discoveries are constantly being made in medicine, my medical education is never done. My knowledge and skills stay current by participating every year in hundreds of hours of medical conferences and advanced medical courses.

My rigorous training and years of experience combine to create the knowledge and skills required to address the complex medical issues in gynecology and infertility.

In short:

Knowledge is required to make sound medical decisions.
Integrity is required for you to be able to trust those decisions.
Compassion is required to create the relationship between doctor and patient that rightly belongs in medicine.

As your physician, I promise to provide all of these to you – always.
As my patient, you should expect nothing less.